Siemens / Pyrotronics FP-11 | Fireprint Intelligent Detector

Product code : PYR-FP-11

The Siemens Pyrotronics FP-11 is an intelligent (addressable) photoelectric smoke detector. The Siemens Pyrotronics FP-11 uses state-of-the-art microprocessor circuitry with error check, detector self-diagnostics and supervision programs. The Siemens Pyrotronics FP-11 is compatible with the Pyrotronics MXL family of control panels including the MXL, MXL-IQ, and MXLV.

Code Part Type Quantity available / Availability Quantity Price
PYR-FP-11 NEW 18 / In Stock One
  • $308.87 /One
PYR-FP-11-RC ISA CERTIFIED 19 / In Stock One
  • $247.10 /One
PYR-FP-11 -RP REPAIR 0 / Call For Availability One
  • $197.68 /One
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